Keeping true to our clients' communication requirements is central to our work attitude.  Our translation services naturally include localisation and cultural bias.  We work closely with our clients to ensure that their specific translation requirements are met; technical, medical, legal, software or website localisation. Whatever the needs, Swahili Translation Services is the right partner to have on-board.  


Certified Translations

We also offer translation services for official/legal documents that require certification by court-sworn translators. 

Transcription and Captioning

Swahili Translation Services offers all three types of transcription services: verbatim, intelligent or edited transcriptions, as well as video captioning.   All types of video or audio formats are supported.


Whether face to face, by video or telephone interpretation, Swahili Translation Services is able to deliver.  Our interpreters are mobile and can cover national or international interpretation assignments.  

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Other Services

In the globalised and continuously evolving world that we live in, requirements and needs are constantly changing and mutating.  Where there was only translation, there is now also trans-creation, localisation, etc.  At Swahili Translation Services, we have gone with comm-adaptation. Adapting to the needs of the client to ensure that the manner, style and attitude required to communicate the message are respected to the letter!  Advise on cultural sensitivity and attitude are part and parcel of this service.